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Helping businesses and startups around the globe. We deploy apps that are faster to build, and helps to enhance business market. Get the real benefits of cross platform apps with the help of dedicated, trusted Flutter App Development Company Flutter is Google’s open-source UI toolkit to develop cross-platform apps using a single codebase. Developers can build seamlessly-performing native apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms with the help of Flutter. What makes Flutter different from other frameworks is the fact that it does not use JavaScript. Google’s Flutter platform keeps a single codebase for developing various apps.

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Features of Flutter App Development

Now have a look on following Flutter app development features so it is more clear for you that why we go with Flutter app development

  •  Same UI and business logic for all platforms:
  • We, experts, know that basically any cross-platform framework provides a way to share codebase between the target platforms.

  •  Cross Platform Applications:
  • Having an experienced cross platform development team we build next-generations app at Hornet Dynamics.

  •  Accessible Native Features and SDKs
  • Your app development process gets easy and delightful through Flutter’s native codes, third-party integrations, and platform APIs.

  •  Widgets
  • Flutter has all the sets of widgets from Material Design and Cupertino pack and it helps to provide a glitch-free experience in this case over and above all the other platforms.

  •  Support for Native Modules
  • The UI Component and Development API of Flutter apps runs on native modules. Get the best out of the Flutter app framework having an API to access native modules easily.

  •  Native Feel and Features
  • Flutter enables you to use your existing code Java, Obj-C and Swift to gain the key to native features which are platform specific. Camera and Geolocation are features connected with the use of native languages and offers you the convenience of working in the native language and, it provides access to the native features of both iOS and Android platforms.

Best Flutter App Development Company

At Hornet Dynamics we offers specializedBest Flutter app development services in all over the world. We have a specialized flutter app development team which focus on real functionality and provide seamless experience to the user. Having experienced cross-platform application development experts, we build next-generation flutter apps at Hornet Dynamics. Our team members will constantly keep in touch with you. Join with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hornet Dynamics, Flutter application Development Company offers many advantages over the web and mobile development of standard Android or iOS applications. Our experienced team ensures that the aesthetics of the Flutter app are maintained throughout the mobile app development process. We will always support our backs when he needs help. It is growing to fit more devices and types of pulsating applications such as Chromebook, Mac, Windows, embedded form factor, web, etc.

  • * Shorter code development time
  • * It has a flexible and expressive UI
  • * The capability to customize an animated UI of any complexity.
  • * Flutter also supports cross-platform development.

Yes, it is a good solution business-wise. There are several factors that inflict drastic value for a business. For example, performance and stability of a platform, a wide talent pool, and room for further development.

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