Front-End Development Services

Magento Front-end/UI Development services that ensure a seamless customer experience and a wide range of features.

Hornet Dynamics appears to specialize in front-end and UI development services in India. Front-end development creates the user interface and experience of a website or online application, whereas UI (User Interface) development designs and implements the visual components and interactions.

Front-end/UI Development services

Magento Front-end/UI Development services that guarantee diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience.

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Custom Magento Themes

Our professionals can work with you to create a custom Magento theme that complements your brand’s look, improves the user experience, and increases your website’s conversion and engagement rates.

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Responsive Web Design

The ever-increasing number of mobile users has made responsive design an essential component of every e-commerce website. We promise that your online store will be optimized for all device sizes, including laptops and phones.


PSD to Magento

Our skilled developers are ready to help you with PSD to Magento conversion services. We promise that your design will be faultless and completely functional when converted into a Magento or Magento 2 theme.


Performance and Content Optimization

It is critical for a positive user experience and SEO that a website has a quick loading time and easy content access. Our expertise are available to improve the speed and content of your website, ensuring rapid and efficient loading.

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The smooth integration of external extensions, payment gateways, shipping options, and other tools into the front end of a Magento store.



Making sure the website satisfies requirements for accessibility so that people with impairments may use it and have a pleasant online experience.

Our Front-end Development Process

This is how we approach the project and interact with the client.

Requirement Analysis​

Understand the project requirements, objectives, and target audience. Gather input from stakeholders, including designers, product managers, and clients.

Design Approval

Understand the project requirements, objectives, and target audience. Gather input from stakeholders, including designers, product managers, and clients.

Technology Stack Selection

Choose appropriate front-end technologies based on project requirements and team expertise. Common choices include HTML, CSS (with preprocessors like Sass or LESS), and JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.

Coding Standards and Guidelines

Establish coding standards and guidelines to maintain consistency across the project. Use tools like ESLint or Prettier for code formatting and linting.

Responsive Design

Ensure that the application is responsive and works seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. Use media queries and flexible layouts to adapt to different viewport sizes.

Performance Optimization

Optimize front-end performance by minimizing file sizes, reducing HTTP requests, and implementing techniques like lazy loading and code splitting. Utilize performance monitoring tools (e.g., Google PageSpeed Insights) to identify and address bottlenecks.


Conduct thorough testing to ensure functionality, compatibility, and usability across different browsers and devices. Use automated testing frameworks (e.g., Jest, Cypress) for unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.


Prepare the application for deployment by optimizing assets, configuring server settings, and setting up deployment pipelines. Deploy the application to hosting platforms like AWS, Azure, Netlify, or Vercel.

Why Choose Hornet Dynamics as Your Magento Front-end/UI Development Agency?


Magento expertise

Hornet Dynamics is an expert in Magento development and is familiar with all of the nuances of the platform. Your needs for front-end/UI development will be precisely and effectively satisfied thanks to this experience.


Tailored Solutions

Hornet Dynamics is aware that each company is distinct. They provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs and make sure your Magento storefront properly represents your brand identity.

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High-Quality Designs

Hornet Dynamics produces visually beautiful, user-friendly, and performance-optimized front-end/UI designs. It does this with a team of talented designers and developers.

UX Consultation

Responsive Design

Providing a consistent user experience across devices is crucial in the mobile-first world of today. Hornet Dynamics guarantees that your Magento storefront is optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users.

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Emphasis on User Experience

In their front-end/UI development methodology, Hornet Dynamics places a high priority on user experience (UX). They use the best UX design practices to produce user interfaces that are simple to use, intuitive, and conversion-friendly.


On-Time Delivery

Hornet Dynamics pledges to complete projects on schedule and within the allotted budget. Their effective project management techniques and development methodology guarantee on-time delivery without sacrificing quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Magento front-end developer specialises in creating and maintaining digital stores that generate a considerable amount of revenue for their customers. Their responsibilities include designing, managing, and upgrading eCommerce websites.

A. Magento 2 Frontend Developers should be familiar with a variety of frontend technologies. This list of technologies includes HTML5, CSS3 (with an LESS CSS pre-processor), jQuery, RequireJS, Knockout.js, and others. To learn more about Magento’s front-end technologies, please see the entire list on Shero’s website.

A. Back-end development focuses on the server aspect of web application development. Back-end developers are responsible for developing the main components of a website, such as servers, databases, and applications, as well as writing code to enable good communication between the database and the application. Thus, while front-end developers design what consumers see and experience, back-end developers build the internal support structures that make it all happen.

A. Alokai defines Frontend as a Service (FEaaS) as a frontend solution for composable commerce. It enables you to create an immersive and inventive front for your website using a single tool.

A. Web services: What is the difference between frontend, backend, and…
General Description: The front end is responsible for displaying data to users. Please keep in mind that two separate front ends might be coupled with a single backend. Backend provides business logic and data durability. Middleware (activemq in this case) handles system-to-system communication.

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