iOS App Development Services

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Hornet Dynamics, an excellent iOS application development company, helps you create feature-rich, attractive, and creative iOS applications to establish a powerful corporate identity. From initial idea to post-launch support, Hornet Dynamics’ process meets the unique demands of iOS app development for any Apple device.

We develop intuitive and powerful iOS experiences from the bottom up. From SMPs to businesses, we assist them all in their digital transition.


iOS App Development Services

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iOS Universal App Development

Develop universally targeted iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Extend the reach of your business by indulging in universally accepted mobile app development to further increase your revenue.

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Enterprise iOS Apps

Create enterprise-level members’ internal application solutions and implement smooth communication and cooperation. To guarantee a smooth connection, rely on our experience in developing engaging and simple-to-use iOS business mobile applications.

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Apple Wearable App Development

We provide game app development services for both iPad and iPhone. With a high engagement value, we have extensive expertise in developing the most immersive gaming solutions.


iOS Gaming App Development

We provide game app development services for both iPad and iPhone. With a high engagement value, we have extensive expertise in developing the most immersive gaming solutions.


iOS App Security

With our end-to-end application security safeguards and assistance, you can keep your iOS app safe. We give you the essential barrier to secure your iOS mobile application’s sensitive information and privacy.

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iOS App Testing

Not only do we develop mobile applications, but we also produce excellent ones. Our QA experts make sure that every iOS app we create is rigorously tested throughout every stage of development, providing our clients with a high-caliber, error-free product.


iOS Maintenance & Support

In addition to developing iOS mobile applications, we also offer trustworthy maintenance and support services to ensure your app remains operational for the duration of its life. We boost availability, decrease downtime, and provide real-time app monitoring.


MVP Development

Have a great app concept, but are you a little worried about people using it? We give MVP development services to create a simple app with the functionality you need to verify the concept and scale it depending on reviews since we recognize the importance of your investment in your dream project.


(IoT) Embedded App Development

Our iOS professionals have the knowledge to assist you in developing an IoT app that is specific to your needs, whether it is the world’s first smart pod hotel management software solution automating this IoT-enabled ecosystem or any bespoke embedded app development in general.

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UI/UX Design for iOS

For your iOS app, our UX design team can create interactive experiences and aesthetically pleasing interfaces with extensive experience. We also have experience with motions, animations, touch handling, and core graphics.

Here are some key features of iOS App Development


1. High Level Security

2. SEO-Friendly

3. Payment Gateways

4. Open-Source Platform

5. Extensibility with Plugins

6. User Interface

7. Analytics and Reporting

8. Customizable Design


Why Choose Hornet Dynamics
for Your IOS App Development Needs?

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Collaborate with industry experts

When you think of “iOS app development,” Hornet is almost certainly the first thing that comes to mind. We are the specialists in developing solutions for Apple. Do you require proof? We have major names such as Holiday Inn, JLL, and AMG recommending us. Shall we go to work?

UX Consultation

Dedicated Team

Access a specialised staff of iOS app developers who specialise in various industries, as well as a diverse group of business analysts, software testers, UI/UX designers, coders, and project managers. Work with the greatest talent available for your ideal iOS app development project.

Usability Testing

Experienced Developers

Hornet employees are recognized for using cutting-edge technology in the iOS app development process. Our experts are skilled in the newest programming languages, such as Swift, and have years of experience developing solutions for a variety of applications.

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Commitment To Quality

Live to digitally alter your business with an iOS app built to flourish. Collaborate with our in-house team to obtain access to contemporary tools that improve development efficiency and productivity. You pay for quality, and that is exactly what you receive, in addition to our clients’ 360-degree experience.


Proven Track Record

Hornet Dynamics has a history of exceeding customer expectations by producing dependable, scalable, and high-performance iOS apps. The company has a record of successful iOS app projects across several industries.


Agile Development Process

They employ an agile development technique that guarantees timely delivery of iOS apps without sacrificing quality. This methodology allows for iterative development, frequent feedback, and quick adaptability to changing needs.

Modern Tech Stack for Developing iOS Apps

We are renowned for our proficiency in iOS programming because of the state-of-the-art tech stack that we employ.


  • SwiftUI


  • Mac OS Mavericks
    macOS Sierra
    macOS Big Sur


  • Corona SDK
    Native SDK
    Phone Gap


  • SQLite

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Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest and most popular programming languages for developing iOS applications are Swift and Objective-C. It facilitates the creation of iOS apps for TV, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple Desktop.

Depending on the complexity of the app overall, the development period for an iOS app often ranges from three to eighteen months. For example, developing an iOS app with a large feature set and high complexity will take longer than developing an app with fewer features and a simpler design. We can provide you with a precise timeline for the needs of your unique project because we are a specialized iOS app development service provider. Get in touch with us right now.

We have completed more than 350 successful projects developing iOS apps. However, we have developed iPhone apps for IKEA, JobGet, ShifaCare, SuperShe, Moo, NexGTv, Mutelcor, Health-e-people, MellToo, and other top companies.

Yes, after your Android app is out, it is definitely feasible to have updates, bug fixes, and small modifications made to it. We are also accessible for upkeep and assistance.

The top iOS application development firm is Hornet Dynamics. It is a well-known Indian digital transformation and technology solution provider that has the greatest understanding of your needs and can offer a workable solution that meets your goals. OrangeMantra uses a methodical and efficient development approach to provide your company with end-to-end iOS app development solutions.

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